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Prayables | What does death feel like?

Published: Fri, 07/19/24

Updated: Fri, 07/19/24

Friday July 19, 2024 Don’t let them get you to hate them. Anne Lamott Spread the power of God's Word this weekend with praise and blessing! Know…

Prayables | 🤠cowboy church

Published: Thu, 07/18/24

Updated: Thu, 07/18/24

Thursday July 18, 2024 Peace is joy at rest, and joy is peace on its feet. Veronica Goines Need to re-connect with your Maker? Here's a prayer for…

Prayables | Wanting it.

Published: Wed, 07/17/24

Updated: Wed, 07/17/24

Wednesday July 17, 2024 While we are free to choose our actions, we are not free to choose the consequences of our actions. Stephen Covey Hey, Hey,…

Prayables | 🧹life is messy sometimes

Published: Tue, 07/16/24

Updated: Tue, 07/16/24

Tuesday July 16, 2024 We have just the tiny things of God at hand with which to help heal ourselves and this busted up world. Small things that easily…

Prayables | Taking it Slow

Published: Mon, 07/15/24

Updated: Mon, 07/15/24

Monday July 15, 2024 Be joyful though you have considered all the facts. Wendell Berry TAKING IT SLOW "It’s okay to pause and wait and listen and…

Prayables | Lost Sheep

Published: Sun, 07/14/24

Updated: Sun, 07/14/24

Sunday July 14, 2024 7:19 THE LOST SHEEPWhen a three-legged lamb realizes he is not like other sheep, he leaves the safety of his home, but the good…

Prayables | Vol. 384 Weekly Everything

Published: Sat, 07/13/24

Updated: Sat, 07/13/24

Everything Q-Card Volume 384Saturday July 13, 2024 Click on individual images to share/print or use the Q-Card* where everything from the week is…

Prayables | 🌞everything's fine in the sunshine!

Published: Fri, 07/12/24

Updated: Fri, 07/12/24

Friday July 12, 2024 My goal is God Himself. Not joy, nor peace, nor even blessing, but Himself, my God.Lettie B. Cowman SWAYING IN THE STRESS They…

Prayables | ☘️good luck signs?

Published: Thu, 07/11/24

Updated: Thu, 07/11/24

Thursday July 11, 2024 The only people who see the whole picture are the ones who step outside the frame. Salman Rushdie SWEETIE, PLEASE Harry and…

Prayables | 🙋people and 🌆places

Published: Wed, 07/10/24

Updated: Wed, 07/10/24

Wednesday July 10, 2024 If you won’t be better tomorrow than you were today, what do you need tomorrow for?Nachman of Breslav 3:08 LOVE YOURSELFYou'll…

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